PS5 Slim: Release Date and All We Know

The PS5 is a powerful and unique-looking machine, but not many people are fans of its size. This is why many gamers are waiting for the PS5 Slim to make its debut before they purchase their current-gen console. 

It’s only a matter of time before the Japanese tech giant releases the smaller and sleeker version of the PS5. They’ve done it before, starting from the first PlayStation to the PlayStation 4. So, the PS5 Slim or PlayStation Slim will release. The question is, when?

PS5 Slim Release Date

Going by tradition, Sony usually releases their slimmer consoles around 3 years after the release of the big one. 

So the PS5 Slim will release in late 2023 or early 2024. 

PS4 Slim Overview

Of course, these are just well-calculated guesses at the moment. Sony hasn’t hinted about releasing the PlayStation 5 Slim yet. There is nothing concrete available as of now. We haven’t seen any teases, no Tweets by the company, or substantial leaks. 

Why Is PS5 Slim Important?

Cutting the size isn’t the only upgrade the Slim versions of PlayStations enjoy. Cutting the cost is another reason why people wait for the mid-generation upgrade, especially when it comes to Sony consoles. 

PS4 slim top

Manufacturing costs will go down as production eases into a routine. The efficiency of the parts will also increase as technology advances, so Sony can make a smaller and slimmer PS5 that’s not only compact but also costs less. 

This process of trimming down the excess weight has already started. The new models of the PS5 digital-only edition are lighter than the previous ones. The reduction is also pretty significant, trimming down 300 grams off the launch model. The company also redesigned the heat sink that still provides good cooling despite its lighter weight. 

Sometimes the weight cuts mean cutting out features from the console, though. The PS4 Slim famously removed the optical port that was featured on the launch PS4 model. However, that was the only major feature cut from the updated slim version. Let’s hope Sony at least keeps all the major functions intact when they eventually take the PS5 to the chopping table. 

PS One Slim

The smaller size combined with more efficient components would allow the PS5 Slim to take less power, output the same graphics, and remain cooler during peak performance. This also means the console won’t need to have extraordinary cooling to keep it from throttling. 

People who don’t have a lot of space to store a frankly gigantic PS5, want to save a good chunk of money, or both, will have a keen interest in the PlayStation 5 Slim variant. 

PS5 Slim Price 

PS4 Slim

The Slim should be a little cheaper than the original PS5’s launch price of $499 / £449. The PS5 Slim Price should be around $399 / £349. 

The PlayStation 5 Pro should launch at around the same price as the base PS5 model; $499 / £449. If you want to learn more about the PS5 Pro, we have a dedicated article detailing the PS5 Pro Release Date and Price. 

Historically speaking, Sony launches its Slim consoles three years after the launch of the base models. They might take a little more time, though. The PS One Slim took 6 years while PS2 Slim took 4. Both the PS4 and PS3 had their Slim versions out in three years, and we expect Sony to do the same with the PS5. 

How Slim Will the PS5 Slim Be?

There is no saying how far Sony will go to make the console compact. However, it is going to be significantly smaller than the base PS5 to earn its name. 

A Youtuber DIY Perks has already made their own version of a PS5 Slim, which looks fantastic. They also used a rather complicated cooling system to keep the temperatures low during peak performance. 

Sony isn’t going to push the envelope that far, but any decrease in size would be a welcome change. While the base PS5 isn’t as big as usual gaming PCs, it still takes up a lot of vertical space when compared to older PlayStations and even the latest Xbox. 

PS5 Slim Performance 

PS2 Slim

Sony doesn’t increase performance in their Slim consoles. They keep everything compact, running at the same specs, and cooler, but they don’t necessarily increase the graphical output of the console. 

Microsoft has done a minor power increase in the Xbox One S, but it is not as drastic as their Xbox One X. Similarly, Nintendo added a bit more power to their Nintendo 3DS. 

We don’t see Sony pulling a similar move. At most, expect the console to run cooler and make less noise. 

Should You Wait for the PS5 Slim?

PS3 slim

That depends. If you are itching to play Sony games, then getting the PS5 base model makes perfect sense. You can even nab it at a slight discount when you purchase a bundle. That is, if you can find it in stock and in time. 

However, if you’ve waited for this long, you can probably wait a year and a half more to get a smaller machine that works just as well. 

I recommend saving up for the inevitable PS5 Pro. It will most likely launch at the same price as the base model and will have a lot more power. Even if you don’t need that much power, by then, the base model would be selling at a steep discount. 


There isn’t any solid release date announced by Sony yet. However, we are sure it will be launching around late 2023 or early 2024

The chip shortages, logistical challenges, the pandemic, and a general increase in gaming interest made the PS5 scarce. It took a while for most people to get their hands on the latest Sony console, and many are still waiting to get one. Hopefully, Sony has ironed out any challenges, and the new consoles will be readily available. 

The PS5 Pro will also launch in the same window. So if you are looking for a much beefier console, I recommend waiting for that machine. The last generation, the PS4 Pro, launched 3 months after the PS4 Slim. The wait might be a tad bit longer this time too. 

Until then, check out the best PS5 exclusives and the best Games Available on PS Plus Extra.

We will keep you posted if anything changes. 

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