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10 Best PS5 Open World Games to Play in 2023

Open world games are loved among gamers due to the flexibility they

Tayyab Shah Tayyab Shah

PS5 Pro: Release Date and All We Know

The PS5 is a powerful machine, but the PS5 Pro is an

Bilawal Bashir Bilawal Bashir

Street Fighter 6: Rumors, Release Date, and All We Know

Developed by Capcom, Street Fighter has become one of the staples for

John Carlo John Carlo

The Day Before: Release Date And Everything We Know So Far

The Day Before is an open-world survival MMO by FNTASTIC. The game

John Carlo John Carlo

PS5 Slim: Release Date and All We Know

The PS5 is a powerful and unique-looking machine, but not many people

Bilawal Bashir Bilawal Bashir

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Release Date And All We Know

With the recent Final Fantasy VII's 25th Anniversary now in the books,

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15 BEST PS5 Exclusive Games (2023)

The PS5 has been out for more than 2 years, and like

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Days Gone 2: Will the Sequel Ever See the Light of Day

The trail's gone rather cold for Days Gone 2 ever since the

Tayyab Shah Tayyab Shah

10 Best PS5 SSDs: Expert Picks (2023)

The PlayStation 5 launched with a single integrated solid state drive. The

Matt Vallence Matt Vallence

8 BEST PS5 Wall Mounts: Expert Picks

A PS5 wall mount is an inexpensive accessory you won't know you

Matt Vallence Matt Vallence

10 BEST PS5 External Hard Drives (2022)

A fresh PlayStation 5 has around 660GB of available game space. That

Matt Vallence Matt Vallence

The Last Of Us Remake (Part I): Release Date and All You Need To Know

Naughty Dog surprised us with the reveal of their latest take on

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A Plague Tale Requiem Trophy List Has Been Revealed

A Plague Tale Requiem Trophy List Has Been Revealed and there is

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

PS5 VRR Could Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

According to a new rumor from a reputed insider, PS5 VRR could

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

PS5 Black: When will Sony Release a Black PS5

The wait for a black variant is finally at an end, Sony

Richard James Richard James

PS5 Jailbreak could soon be on the horizon

The PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X have been out for almost

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

PS5 April Update Out Now With Full Changelog Published

Yesterday we covered the PS5 April Update, and in a surprise turn,

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer

Yakuza Like a Dragon PS5 Download Size Leaked Online

Yakuza Like a Dragon PS5 release date confirmed and download size revealed

Hatem Amer Hatem Amer