10 Smallest Minecraft House Ideas

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Playing Minecraft is all about using your imagination and creativity to create a unique experience. Whether you decide to go exploring or build an exciting project, there’s plenty of space to craft, fight and play pranks on your friends. But what if you want to tackle a challenging task? Creativity thrives within arbitrary constraints, and trying to achieve a fully-functional base with the smallest surface area possible is far more difficult than it seems. We’ve compiled the top 10 smallest Minecraft house ideas based on this exciting concept, in case you’re looking for some much-needed inspiration.


3×3 House

Smallest Minecraft House Idea Design Single Player Survival
Screenshots by csx42

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The following video tutorial by csx42 takes the premise of a small Minecraft house to the letter. If you want to have an extremely tiny home, here you have a 3×3 home that requires you to place some Stairs in the middle to access the several chests and crafting stations placed within the structure. We love to see how creators find ingenious ways to keep everything so compact without failing to look good. The Spruce Trapdoors placed outside to cover the chests or something as simple as a pot with a plant can add a lot of charm to your base!

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Stone House

Stone House Survival Minecraft Small Home Design Video Tutorial
Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

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Placing blocks in creative ways is essential to upgrade your house into an amazing home. The following video tutorial by TheMythicalSausage only uses a 5×5 surface area to set the foundations of a beautiful Minecraft small house. The key is to use several blocks with similar colours to add a richer texture and break the monotony. It’s up to you to figure out how to fill up the interior with all the Survival essentials you might need during the early days of your adventures! The good news is that you can check out more small Minecraft house ideas within the same video tutorial for some extra inspiration.


2×2 House

How to Build Compact Home for Minecraft 1.18 Survival

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Here we’ve found another way to create an insane Minecraft small house to show off to your friends. The following video tutorial by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT might cheat the concept a bit by placing the crafting stations and bed underground, but we cannot deny that it required some thinking to come up with such a compact design. Instead of using a Glowstone Lamp on your first day, we suggest you use any other light source and cover its exterior with some Trapdoors. We can almost guarantee it will take you longer to gather the necessary resources than building this design!


Tiny Door House

Tiny Door House Compact 2x2 Design for Minecraft 1.17
Screenshot by MagmaMusen

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If you don’t care much about looks and want to impress your friends, we suggest the following video tutorial by MagmaMusen. You only need a 2×2 surface area to set your crafting stations, bed and chest, as well as adding a little farm to grow some crops. While it doesn’t have much going on with its exterior made out of doors, it’s still a significant upgrade from just digging a hole for your first night. Just be mindful of adequately lighting the area surrounding your base to avoid any Creeper spawning nearby! 


Modern House

Modern Small House for Minecraft Single Player Survival
Screenshot by csx42

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Making a small Minecraft house doesn’t need to look boring from the outside. The following video tutorial by csx42 uses Stairs for the foundation alongside some wood and stone blocks for the walls and flooring. As a fun fact, using slabs for the roof will inhibit hostile mobs from spawning on top of your home. We always appreciate it whenever creators record themselves building their projects in Survival mode! The good news is that you can always take the basic layout and expand it into a more extensive base if you desire to do so.


Mountain House

Starter Mountain House Minecraft Smallest Building Ideas Video Tutorial

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Let’s assume that you first spawn at the top of a mountain with just a couple of trees nearby. Believe us when we say it’s the perfect scenario to place a starter house, as ItsMarloe proves in the following video tutorial. This small Minecraft house uses Spruce blocks as the primary resource for the structure, and its flooring is entirely made out of Barrels to maximize storage. Whether you decide to stick with this cabin as a starting base or leave it for decoration purposes, we think it looks super cute!


Fishing Hut

Fishing Hut Smallest Minecraft House Ideas How to Build
Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

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If you want to obtain some rare enchantment books, fishing is the best way to get them without trading with a Villager. Of course, there’s no need to just go to any body of water and start casting your fishing rod– you should have a nice fishing hut to leave all your loot neatly stored! The following video tutorial by TheMythicalSausage is proof that there’s no need to go overboard with gigantic projects to produce something aesthetically pleasing and functional. Start chopping down some trees and get your cozy fishing hut today!


Storage House

Storage House Minecraft Small Design Compact Building
Screenshot by Ba!zy

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Have you run out of space to store all your loot? No problem! The following video tutorial by Ba!zy showcases a compact storage house that allows you to keep everything well organized within a small space. The instructions are super easy to follow and the result looks incredible! We like this approach to storage since it’s easy to access and anyone can build it on a whim. In the end, you can place more than 80 chests inside, so make sure to keep track of where you store your items!

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Survival Raft

Ocean Base Survival Raft Small Minecraft House Design Idea
Screenshot by Gorillo

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Setting your home in the middle of a lake or near the ocean shore sounds like a great idea, considering how you can get away from most hostile mobs at night, barring the loose Drowned that you can easily dispatch from a distance. The following video tutorial by Gorillo takes you step by step into building a small Minecraft house in the shape of a survival raft. Many creators use Campfires in their building ideas to add more variety into the building, and it fits the concepts perfectly. While you can only have the bare basics to survive the night, we think it looks great and easy to craft!

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Desert House

Small Desert House Survival Minecraft How to Build Grian
Screenshot by Grian

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Trying to set base in the desert biome sounds challenging for many players for good reasons. There are almost no resources useful for early game, Husks don’t burn under sunlight, and you cannot plant trees in the sand. However, if you want to set a base in the middle of the desert, who are we to stop you?  The following video tutorial by Grian showcases some unique building decoration ideas like using some Oak Signs to decorate the exterior or replacing some blocks with its Stairs equivalent for more texture and depth.

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We always love to see all the creative and innovative building ideas coming straight from the Minecraft community. Will you try one of these small Minecraft house ideas in your world? Do you think there’s a way to make an even smaller functional home? Let us know in the comments below! You can also check out other unique Minecraft building ideas if you’re still on the lookout for that perfect house design.

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