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Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Sunday Gold
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Sunday Gold is equal parts turn-based RPG with the elements of a point-and-click adventure game. You control three different protagonists with unique abilities and skills across a heist that was supposed to be the easiest one the crew has pulled off yet and quickly takes a turn down a deeper conspiracy. In our Sunday Gold review, we take a look at one of the most exciting titles of the year.


Sunday Gold takes us through the world of Frank, Sally, and Gavin. The trio is sold on the idea of pulling off a heist. For this, they would just break into a building, steal a bunch of files, and not encounter any trouble.

Sunday Gold dialog between the protagonists

However, we know no caper is without a bit of blood along the way.

Frank is the guns, Sally is the muscles, and Gavin is the brains of the outfit. They must work together to uncover the misdeeds of Gavin’s former place of work as they get wrapped up in the events that unfold.

Inside a seedy Mansion

Upon reaching Gavin’s former place of work, the entire building immediately feels off. As soon as you reach Gavin’s old office, everything is just all the more off until you discover that there is something much more sinister unfolding behind the scenes.

Using the unique abilities of each protagonist is pivotal to getting out alive and with your sanity in check.


The game is equal parts turn-based RPG and point and click adventure game. You must incorporate both sides of the coin to play the game. This means you also will utilize your Action Points (AP). Even acts like examining an object as a relevant protagonist use your AP. You can recharge your AP by resting, but this puts you at the risk of a random encounter. That can lead to taking further damage or using further AP.

The combat is akin to Persona 5, which is a good feeling. The combat styles of Frank, Sally, and Gavin are unique to their styles.

Frank’s biggest strength is his guns in combat, and is great for ranged combat. He further helps weaken enemies and makes them easier to hit for his comrades.

Cues in the environment tell you who is capable of interacting with this object

Sally is a muscle and uses her brass knuckles and other melee weapons to hit damage. She is also able also to protect herself and her teammates from damage.

Gavin is less of a fighter and a hacker. Though even his basic combat with bats is enough to provide some supporting combat in the encounters.

Another part of the game is managing your sanity in the game by name of Composure. When one of your players loses their composure, it can have dire effects. They can start hallucinating enemies, misread their dialog, and encounter other auditory and visual hallucinations that can cost you time and resources.

To restore composure, you can solve puzzles and progress the story. You can also boost it with items you find across the levels.

The combat does get a bit repetitive near the end, mainly due to the fixed roles of your characters. Some of the puzzles do get in the way of pacing, as you’ll lose AP quite a bit during these.


The game’s visuals resemble a living and breathing comic book which is very satisfying. The dialog options between the three also shift to a comic book panel style which also took me back to the art style of Max Payne 1 and 2. The graphics are not the brightest or the prettiest I have seen in a game, but they do well to fit with the aesthetic of the game, which is easily a great pull for the game.

The presentation is one of the highlights of our Sunday Gold review
Navigating a freezer

The environments are a mix of dynamic and static, but there is good interactivity with the world as you progress through it, and the graphics help in highlighting stuff you can and can not interact with.

The voice acting and ambient music are a highlight. With authentic British accents to complement the characters and an engaging story, this is easily one of the more surprising games I have had the privilege of playing this year.


Sunday Gold is a game that definitely deserves a playthrough if you enjoy turn-based RPG games and don’t mind a sprinkle of point-and-click adventure games along the way. The puzzles are also procedurally generated, which can be a blessing and a curse, depending on the level you are on, but this is also what makes the game even more enjoyable.

Sunday Gold Screenshot
Sunday Gold Screenshot

With a great visual presentation, excellent voice cast, gripping combat, and point-and-click integrated parts, this great all-around package delivers a great game.

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This review is based on the PC version of Sunday Gold. The key was provided by Team17

Sunday Gold Screenshot
Review Overview
Great 8
Overall Score 8
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