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Trepang2 System Requirements Revealed for PC

Trepang2 is an upcoming first-person shooter from Trepang Studios and Team17 Digital.

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Sunday Gold Review – A Fine British Caper

8 out of 10

Sunday Gold is equal parts turn-based RPG with the elements of a

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Thymesia Review: A Light Soulslike Almost Done Right

6 out of 10
Above Average

Thymesia is a game developed by OverBorder Studio and published by Team17

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Batora: Lost Haven Impressions: It’s Worth Playing

Batora: Lost Haven is an upcoming action-adventure game from Stormind Games and

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Marauders Pre-Order Bonus Content Revealed for PC

Marauders is an upcoming tactical first-person multiplayer looter shooter from Small Impact

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Gord System Requirements Revealed for PC

Gord is an upcoming single-player, adventure-strategy game from Covenant.dev and Team17. The

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Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos Review – Cozy Zelda Inspired Roguelite

8 out of 10

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is an adventure rogue-lite from Heliocentric Studios

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