10 The Knight Witch Tips to Get You Started

Aim Nario
Aim Nario
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The Knight Witch is the latest Metroidvania title you should be playing today. It has fun and exciting gameplay coupled with an interesting storyline. You can read our review here.

This game has a lot to offer, such as deck building and insane combat mechanics. However, beginner Metroidvania players might find the game too challenging.

Lucky for you, here are some The Knight Witch tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Do not spell spam

Health and mana are very limited in The Knight Witch. Replenishing your mana is achieved by grabbing the blue orbs dropped by your enemies as you fight them.

Mana orbs are a rare occurrence compared to green shards so conserve your mana. Make sure that you have enough mana to avoid swarms of bullets by using your spell.

I died a lot early in the game because I had no mana to block enemy bullet swarms. Do not make the same mistake as I did. Do not spell spam.

Tip #2: Defensive spells are your friend.

Spamming attack spells are very tempting to use in shoot-’em-up games like The Knight Witch. However, I found out that the best deck (for me at least) consists of more defensive spells.

My deck always includes the following – Gaia’s Shield, Magic Axe, Electric Orbs, and Shockwave. These spells may damage your enemies and block bullets too.

The reason why you need defensive spells is that your life in the game is very limited. Just a few hits, and you are back at the checkpoint.

The Knight Witch arcane beacon serves as the checkpoint

Tip #3: Remember to activate the nearest checkpoint

I am a forgetful person, and if you are like me, here is your reminder to activate the beacons as they serve as your checkpoint. This is crucial if you have a long mission and you do not want to start from the portal all over again.

The Knight Witch beacons also heal you and in some cases, provide you with extra armor. Activate them if you are in the vicinity.

Tip #4: Watch out for hidden areas

There are a lot of hidden areas scattered throughout the game. Some are accessible once you acquire a new skill – kind of similar to other Metroidvania titles. You just have to remember where they are to know which way to go once you want to unlock them.

The hidden areas in The Knight Witch can be visualized through the map. Open your map to check if an area feels too short. That is one of the clues if there is a secret area nearby.

These secret areas contain rare spells. Do not forget to check them out if you want to complete your spell cards.

Tip #5: Use your kitty to get through puzzles and ambushes

Spoiler alert for this one.

A spell kitty will accompany you through the rest of your journey during the latter part of the game. You summon the cat, and all your spells will revolve around her.

You can move around the area during boss fights if you have your kitty around. It also broadens the reach of your spells since you can leave it at one end of the area and cast a spell while you are fighting on the other side.

Moreover, the spell kitty can trigger booby traps. Use it to your advantage. It does not take damage, so do not worry that an enemy will slay your little companion.

Tip #6: Dash through areas to get through faster

You may not spam spells, but you can spam your dash to get through areas faster. Dashing makes you invulnerable. If you die and spawn at a beacon, you can dash quickly to the same area while avoiding bullets and traps by the enemies.

Bake your armor in The Knight Witch

It is not a fool-proof solution though, since bullet swarms might still damage you. There is also a very small downtime before you may dash again.

In addition, spamming dash during an ambush provides you with a quick way to avoid bullets. Just don’t dash toward a bullet, or else you are doomed.

Tip #7: Bake some armor

The only way to obtain armor is by buying them at the bakery. Try to purchase some armor whenever there is an opportunity because it helps prolong your life in the game.

Each armor has certain perks, such as two hits before it gives you a temporary machine gun. Some armor also gives you two hits before your HP goes down the drain.

The available armor in the bakery gets stronger as you unlock the armor scrolls. These scrolls are challenging to hunt, so check out hidden areas for them.

Tip #8: Patience is the key

Spamming bullets is a fun way to defeat enemies since Rayne can shoot with auto-aim. However, that is not ideal in some areas of the game.

Again, spoiler alert.

There are levels wherein you need to shoot traps to defeat your enemies, but if you would spam your bullets, it would backfire and damage you instead.

Some ambushes have the same mechanics. Spam your bullets, and you will struggle for a safe place.

Patience is also the key in some areas. Traps and monsters are scattered throughout. You need to time your dash and movement to prevent any damage.

Choose your spells wisely and duplicate crucial cards

Tip #9: Duplicate your spells

There are spells in the game that are helpful. Some of them will serve as your “get out of jail” card. One spell that I made tons of copies of is Shockwave. That is for a good reason.

This spell is easy to replenish since it only costs a few mana. It damages opponents and, at the same time, blocks bullets. I can cast multiple shockwaves in dire situations since I have duplicates of the spell card.

Try to make a copy of your spells depending on your deck build. Be careful, though, the more powerful the spell, the higher the mana cost, and you might end up with a depleted mana more often than not.

Tip #10: Have fun and take a break if needed

Metroidvania titles such as The Knight Witch will take a lot of time to finish. I admit I developed a love-hate relationship with the game as I moved forward. It is difficult yet very challenging since I am new to the genre.

So my final tip is to have fun and if you feel tired, have a break. Use your breaks to strategize and think of how you would approach an enemy.

Do not rush the game. Savor the story and enjoy the gameplay.

The Knight Witch is available on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch. Do not forget to read our full review here.

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