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343 Industries To Continue Developing Halo

343 Industries' Studio Head has stated that 343 will continue developing the

Abdullah Waseem Abdullah Waseem

Halo Infinite Developer 343 Industries Reportedly Switching to Unreal Engine

Halo Infinite Developer is apparently switching to Unreal Engine according to a

Samam Hasan Samam Hasan

Halo Infinite Has A Save Game-Breaking Bug That Needs To Be Fixed

Halo Infinite Has a serious save game bug that breaks the entire

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HALO: THE ENDLESS Trademark Registered by Microsoft

It seems Microsoft has registered Halo: The Endless Trademark The trademark details

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Halo Infinite shown was an older build and running on Xbox Series X PC

The build of Halo Infinite shown at today's Xbox Games Showcase might

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A few names of Halo Infinite characters have leaked thanks to Funko Pops

It seems that a Funko Pop leaker has revealed the names of

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