The Day Before Pulled From Steam a Few Days After Release

Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Steam has pulled The Day Before from sale following studio closure just four days after the game launched to disastrous reviews. The Day Before was announced as an open-world zombie survival game with a too-good-to-be-true gameplay trailer. Many experts in the industry warned about the trailer being pre-rendered and not live gameplay.

Writing on the Wall

Despite the warnings, The Day Before became the most wish-listed game on Valve’s storefront, Steam. The impressive reveal trailer launched in 2021 drew a lot of skepticism about developer Fntastic’s ability to deliver such an ambitious project.

The developer purged its YouTube channel of all videos of The Day Before, including the reveal trailer and a 10-minute gameplay trailer.

Is The Day Before a Scam?

According to over 20,000 negative reviews on Steam, The Day Before is labeled a gaming scam.

The Day Before Screenshot from Steam
The Day Before Screenshot

The developers promised a zombie survival game with deep roleplaying mechanics and gunplay. Instead, The Day Before is highly limited in scope, and the survival elements are scaled down significantly. The game was launched as an extraction shooter in its early access stage. The game is also riddled with server issues and game-breaking bugs, making the experience unenjoyable for many gamers.

The Day Before launched on December 7 on Steam. It was the most wish-listed game on the platform but soon became the lowest-rated Steam game ever after its release. Disappointed gamers flocked to the Steam reviewer system to express their displeasure.

Why was The Day Before pulled from Steam?

The Day Before pulled from Steam

While the servers are still up for The Day Before, the future of this extraction shooter is uncertain.

The game is not available for purchase on Steam and had a launch price of $39.99. Fntastic and publisher Mytona continued selling it even after announcing it wouldn’t receive further updates. It’s unclear whether Steam stepped in and removed the game from the storefront or the developers made the decision. The Day Before pulled from Steam, and the storefront currently offers gamers full refunds. Neither Steam nor Fntastic has stated why the game is unavailable on the platform.

Simon Carless, the GameDiscoverCo founder, posted the leaked sales figures of The Day Before. Carless posted the alleged figures on X, which show that the game sold 201,076 units on Steam. Fntastic CEO Eduard Gotovtsev posted the purported data in a Telegram chat. The statistics also show that 91,694 purchasers asked for a refund through Steam, a 46% refund rate.

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