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Hello folks! Genshin Impact has just gone ahead and released the 3.0 update, bringing with it the new Dendro Element, an entirely new region to explore, Sumeru, and two brand new characters, Tighnari and Collei. In this build guide, we will discuss Tighnari solely (look forward to Collei‘s guide). We will talk about his best Artifacts, constellations, weapons, the cost of leveling him and his talents, and lastly, his team comps. But first, a brief introduction is due.

Tighnari is Genshin Impact‘s newest 5-star release, a Bow user with a Dendro Vision. He is available on the limited banner event “Viridescent Vigil” alongside Zhongli, Gentry of Hermitage. After expiration, Tighnari will also be available on the Standard Banner. So no pressure in losing the 50/50, right?


Tighnari’s Passive Talents

Talent NameTalent Description
Keen Sight
After Tighnari fires a Wreath Arrow, his Elemental Mastery is increased by 50 for 4s.
Scholarly Blade
For every point of Elemental Mastery Tighnari possesses, his Charged Attack and Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft DMG is increased by 0.06%. The maximum DMG bonus obtainable in this way is 60%.
Encyclopedic Knowledge
Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Sumeru on the Mini-map
Tighnari’s Passive Talents

Tighnari’s Normal and Charged Attack

Normal  and Level 1 Charged attack
Normal Attack and Level 1 Charge Attack

Tighnari has a 4-sequence normal attack, Khanda Barrier-Buster, and a charged attack that deals Dendro DMG.

This is not all, though. Tighnari’s charged attack can be held for longer to provide a stronger attack, called Wreath Arrow. When it hits an enemy, it splits into 4 Clusterbloom Arrows. This 5-pronged homing barrage does a flurry of Dendro DMG, severely punishing the enemy. Prioritize this ability above all others!

Level 2 Charged Attack
Tighnari Level 2 Charged Attack

However, it is not feasible to wait for 3-4 seconds to let Tighnari charge up. However, Tighnari’s skill provides a practical solution.

Tighnari’s Elemental Skill

Tighnari Skill

Tighnari, when unleashing his Elemental Skill, Vijnana-Phala Mine, throws a Vijnana-Khanda Stormheart that deals Dendro DMG on impact. Moreover, the impact creates a Vijnana-Khanda Field that draws enemy fire. And here’s the fun part, Tighnari gains the Vijnana Suffusion effect, which massively decreases his Wreath Arrow (his charge level 2) charging time.

This effect is comparable to Ganyu’s C6. This effect will disappear after Tighnari has fired off 3 Wreath Arrows. This ability can be upgraded last since its effects are not that important to Tighnari’s DPS abilities.

Tighnari’s Elemental Burst

Tighnari Burst
Tighnari’s Burst

Tighnari‘s burst, Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft, style is similar to Ningguang‘s. Both characters fire off a barrage of projectiles but Tighnari’s is slightly different in that it hits the opponents twice. I.e. 6 projectiles are shot off, and another wave of 6 projectiles will follow.

If you’re using an Elemental Mastery build, making use of his passive, this ability should wipe the floor with most enemies easily. The low energy cost makes it all the more worthwhile to invest into his burst!

Tighnari’s Constellations

A brief note is necessary here.. C0 Tighnari is an amazing unit. Please do not feel forced to roll for a character’s constellations. They are nice to have and can boost the effectiveness of a character but aren’t worth spending real-world currency on unless you have a large reserve of expendable income. 

But oh, Lesser Lord Kusanali are his constellations good, they’re VERY good.

If you do end up getting his constellations, congrats! Let us swoon over them together.

Beginnings Determined at the Roots
Tighnari C6
Tighnari‘s Charged Attack CRIT Rate is increased by 15%.
Origins Known From the Stem
Tighnari C1
When there are opponents within the Vijnana-Khanda Field created by Vijnana-Phala Mine, Tighnari gains 20% Dendro DMG Bonus.

The effect will last up to 6s if the field’s duration ends or if it no longer has opponents within it.
Fortunes Read Amongst the Branches
Tighnari C2
Comprehension Amidst the Flowers

Tighnari C4
The characters C3 and C5 upgrade the talent levels of the Wanderer’s Elemental Skill and Burst, respectively.
Withering Glimpsed in the Leaves
Tighnari C3
When Tighnari‘s Elemental Burst is unleashed:
|->All nearby party members gain 60 Elemental Mastery for 8s.
|->If the Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft triggers a Burning, Bloom, Quicken, or Spread reaction;
|| their Elemental Mastery will be further increased by 60.

->This latter case will also refresh the buff state’s duration.
Karma Adjudged From the Leaden Fruit
Tighnari C6
|->Wreath Arrow’s charging time is decreased by 0.9s

->The Arrow will produce 1 additional Clusterbloom Arrow upon hit.

->This arrow deals 150% of Tighnari‘s ATK as DMG.
Building Up Tighnari’s Constellations

Tighnari’s Best Artifact Sets

Artifact NameDescription
Wanderer’s Troupe
Wanderer's Troupe

2-Piece Bonus
Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.

4-Piece Bonus
Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or Bow.
Gilded Dreams
Gilded Dreams

2-Piece Bonus
Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.

4-Piece Bonus
Within 8s of triggering an Elemental Reaction, the character equipping this will obtain buffs based on the Elemental Type of the other party members;

|| ATK is increased by 14% for each party member whose Elemental Type is the same as the equipping character.
|| Elemental Mastery is increased by 50 for every party member with a different Elemental Type.

->Each of the aforementioned buffs will count up to 3 characters.

->This effect can be triggered once every 8s.

->The character who equips this can still trigger its effects when not on the field.
Deepwood Memories
Deepwood Memories
2-Piece Bonus
Dendro DMG Bonus +15%

4-Piece Bonus
After Elemental Skills or Bursts hit opponents, the targets’ Dendro RES will be decreased by 30% for 8s. This effect can be triggered even if the equipping character is not on the field
The Wanderer’s Best Artifact Builds


Tighnari’s Best Stats on Artifacts

Based on what we’ve already discussed, it has been concluded that Tighnari prefers an EM-focused build.

An EM sands should work best on him, although, if you do not have a valid piece, ATK works as a temporary replacement till you find a viable EM piece.

For his circlet, You can consider using either EM or CRIT Rate/DMG. I recommend CRIT Rate/DMG so that your total is in a 1 to 2 ratio. This will ensure that your attacks are doing extra DMG and not just brutely dependent on reactions.

Tighnari’s Best Weapons

Hunter’s Path
Hunter's Path
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 1:
Base ATK: 542
Bonus CRIT Rate 44.1%

At the End of the Beast-Paths
Gain 12% All Elemental DMG Bonus.

|->Obtain the Tireless Hunt effect after hitting an opponent with a Charged Attack.
|| Increases Charged Attack DMG by 160% of Elemental Mastery.

->This effect will be removed after 12 Charged Attacks or 10s.

->Only 1 instance of Tireless Hunt can be gained every 12s.
King’s Squire
King's Squire
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 5:
Base ATK: 454
Bonus ATK 55.1%

Labyrinth Lord’s Instruction
Obtain the Teachings of the Forest effect when unleashing Elemental Skills and Bursts:
|-> Increasing Elemental Mastery by 60 for 12s.

->This effect will be removed when switching characters.

|| When the Teachings of the Forest effect ends or is removed, it will deal 100% of ATK as DMG to 1 nearby opponent.

->The Teachings of the Forest effect can be triggered once every 20s.
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 5:
Base ATK: 354
Bonus CRIT Rate 31.2%

If a Normal or Charged Attack hits a target within 0.3s of being fired, increases DMG by 36%. Otherwise, decreases DMG by 10%.
Tighnari’s DPS Build Best Weapons

Thanks to the communities Math Gurus, we have detailed information on which weapon is the best one for Tighnari:

Altough, it is best to keep in mind that these calculations were performed in controlled scenarios, you should only use this table as a generalised ranking, going for whatever weapon suits your playstyle and account.

Weapon ranking Tighnari
Weapon Ranking Source: Zy0x

Tighnari’s Best Teams

  • Keeping in mind that Anemo characters cannot swirl Dendro, the community has shown a preference towards an Electro/Hydro-based team comp:
Quicken Team

This team revolves around the new Dendro Reactions. Namely, quicken, which buffs your team Dendro or Electro DMG. Attacking an enemy that has been Quickened with a Dendro attack activates Spread, increasing Dendro DMG. Similarly attacking with Electro activates Aggravate, increasing Electro DMG.

For this reason, your team will perform well because of the presence of an off-field Electro applier. Fischl, Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, Beidou, Kuki Shinobu, and Lisa are all good in the second slot. An extra Electro Character like Kujou Sara could work as she will buff your Tighnari‘s ATK based on her own.

Fischl, Raiden, Beidou
  • Of course, in your third slot, you could go with Collei, making use of Gilded Dreams passive buff and also equipping her with the Dreamwood set. Sucrose is a viable 3rd slot option as well. She will aid in grouping enemies, swirling Hydro or Electro and providing EM buffs thanks to her abilities.
Collei, Kazuha, Sucrose

In your last slot, a healer like C6 Diona may be perfect since her burst provides a phenomenal 200 EM boost to any character on the field. Which is obviously very nice for Tighnari‘s kit.


Have you begun exploring Sumeru yet? What are your thoughts on the new update? How did you like today’s guide? Please let us know if there’s more we should add to this article! Thanks as always for reading!

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