Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Launch Titles could be delayed

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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While COVID-19 has continued to keep many workplaces shuttered, Sony and Microsoft are confident in releasing their next-generation consoles on track for the Holiday 2020 season. However, a new report comes from within the gaming industry that sheds light on the potential delay of the launch titles for both consoles. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Launch Titles could face delays due to motion capture studios not working at the moment.

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Launch Titles might face delay

According to Jonathan Cooper, an expert in motion capture, many motion capture studios have stopped ever since February 2020. He also assures others that the issue isn’t only exclusive to Microsoft, but is also an issue for Sony.

While Microsoft and Sony hold firm confidence in their ability to push out the next-gen consoles through the doors by Holiday 2020, could the trouble with the motion capture industry highlight a delay in launch titles?

Assuming most businesses and offices have been shuttered since March 2020, we are now entering our 3rd month of businesses being closed, including motion capture studios. Jonathan highlights that if a studio has completed their motion capture, they are lucky.

However, assuming that Sony and Microsoft did plan on having launch titles out the door by Holiday 2020, they will have completed motion capture well before COVID-19 struck, as the companies need a few months to put the polish and optimize their games which basically should be 5-6 months at least.

If for some reason, a major or minor Microsoft or Sony studio didn’t finish their motion capture by early 2020, then it means we could see a delay of a title on either console.

Considering the essential role motion capture plays in video games, especially for Sony and Microsoft, this is indeed some pressing news.

While we still don’t have an idea about any of the launch title in terms of exclusives or third-party for both consoles, this could be worrying if fans are expecting to see a major first-party title on their favorite console of choice.

What are your thoughts on the potential of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Launch Titles getting delayed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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