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Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Resolutions Confirmed

Konami has confirmed the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection resolutions and it

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Silent Hill: The Short Message Official Synopsis and Art Leaked

It seems that some details for Silent Hill: The Short Message heave

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How To Download P.T. On PS4

With October nearly over and on the day of Halloween, we thought,

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Silent Hill: Townfall Has Been Announced and Implies a Cryptic Atmosphere

Konami has announced Silent Hill: Townfall which will be developed by NoCode

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Silent Hill 2 Remake System Requirements Officially Revealed

Silent Hill 2 is an upcoming remake of the classic survival horror

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Several Silent Hill Games from Multiple Teams Are in Production

Christophe Gans, director of the first Silent Hill film confirms there are

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Konami To reveal New Entry from ‘World Loved Series’ in Tokyo Games Show

Konami is set to reveal an unannounced title from a 'world loved

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eFootball 2022 System Requirements Revealed for PC

eFootball 2022 is an upcoming sports game from Konami Digital Entertainment. It's

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Konami Has Renewed Trademark for Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania

It seems that Konami could have some surprises for fans, and with

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New Silent Hill 2020 Rumors give new hope to old fans

Some new Silent Hill 2020 rumors have given hope to fans that

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