What Is My MMR in Valorant

I know I'm in Silver, but I swear my MMR is Diamond.

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Any player who has played competitive multiplayer games would have at least heard about “MMR.” The matchmaking rating, or MMR, is a system used by most games to determine which players you should be queued with and which rank you belong to; Valorant is no different.

If you actually care about your rank and pour in the hours to grind it, then you should know what your Valorant MMR is. Today, let me guide you toward the secrets of the Valorant matchmaking rating system.

What is MMR?

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Matchmaking rating, or MMR, is used to determine a player’s skill level. A new player in Valorant typically builds their MMR during their first 20 unrated games, and then it is further calibrated after their 5 rank placement games. Your MMR is continually built upon during every game you play.

Your MMR is used to accurately place you in the Valorant rank that you deserve. Because of this, it’s also used to dictate how much RR (rank rating) you earn or lose every match until the system has decided that your MMR matches your current rank.

From the name itself, I’m sure you could already guess that MMR is also utilized for proper matchmaking. Typically, the game balances teams based on their overall MMRs. It helps keep games competitive and balanced, even though I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

How to Check MMR in Valorant?

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Unfortunately, MMR is a hidden value in Valorant just like how it is in League of Legends. It’s only accessible to Riot, and there’s no precise way to see it for us players. There are numerous apps and services out there that claim to allow you to check your MMR in Valorant, but these aren’t exactly accurate.

If you’re still left asking yourself, “Well, what is my MMR in Valorant?” I’ll try to help you out. While Riot doesn’t directly publicize a detailed MMR value, there is still a way to approximate your current one.

Since the MMR directly affects the Valorant ranking system and RR gains, we can use that as a basis. A great way to tell that your MMR is higher than your current rank is when you earn more RR and lose less. If it’s the opposite, then I hate to break it to you; Riot thinks you deserve a lower rank.

Generally, players with an MMR that fits their current rank will gain about 18 to 22 RR on wins. They should also get deducted around 15 to 18 RR on losses. Use this as your primary reference when determining your MMR in Valorant.

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