Thymesia Guide: How To Beat Varg

Alec Padua
Alec Padua
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Varg from Thymesia

In this Thymesia guide, we’ll show you how to beat Varg, the guardian of Hermes Fortress. We’ll show you the proper talents that you’ll need to ensure a less stressful clearing. Thymesia is a soulslike game that takes inspiration from the popular games we know like Sekiro and Bloodborne. Make sure to check out our review as well.

Let’s explore different tips and strategies on how to beat this fortress guardian and hopefully you get to progress smoothly in the game.

What To Expect In The Varg Encounter

Think of Varg as a heavier version of Odur minus the ranged attacks. Although, he’s pretty slow during his first health stack, deflecting his attacks will take a bit of getting used to. Even at Level 20 and above, if you have only around 300+ health, his combos can potentially kill you in two to three hits.

Watch carefully how he attacks with his Big Sword. You may also need to use Long Dodges since his weapon can reach afar and mistiming your Deflects can lead you to be decimated by this knight and you’re going to restart the memory again.

How to Beat Varg in Thymesia Long Dodge Talent Tree
Try maxing out Long Dodge so you can also get a defensive buff from Varg’s heavy attacks.

Plague Weapons:

  • Blood Storm
  • Scythe
  • Katar

Blood Storm will be your best bet when it comes to choosing a Plague Weapon. If you plan on upgrading your Plague Weapons talent, then you can also take either the Scythe or Katar with you.

However, if you’re going to utilize most of your Plague Weapons, just make sure that you have Energized Deflect equipped. This is to ensure that you can get free energy to frequently use your equipped Plague Weapons.


  • Deflect Damage Lvl 2
  • Precise Deflect Lvl 1
  • Energized Deflect Lvl 1
  • Long Dodge Lvl 2
  • Short Claw Lvl 2
  • Blessing Lvl 1
  • Perfectionist Lvl 1
  • Adrenaline Lvl 1

Tips for Beating Varg Per Health Bar Stack

Similar to Thymesia’s first boss, Varg also has two health stacks with the second stack making him more aggressive. Probably expect a lot of dying if you’re not used to reading slow attacks.

At the beginning of your encounter with Varg, he usually unleashes a long jumping attack. One of the methods how to beat Varg in Thymesia is to deflect as many attacks as you can to inflict wound damage.

A quick dodge and saber combo could be a good starting attack strategy.

You can steal his Big Sword ability with your Claw but you’ll be at risk of getting hit with his powerful attacks. This is because once you activate a Plague Weapon ability, there is no way to cancel the animation if you plan to Deflect.

Try practicing dodging or even deflecting his Big Sword attack to get you started in deciphering his attack pattern.

The hardest attack to read is his Big Sword lunge because that can really catch you off guard and you can choke for the rest of the battle because you’ll somewhat feel like he’s landing more combos faster than you think.

Hitting Varg with your Scythe doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll survive a 2-hit combo.

If you do get hit by his lunge, you can Long Dodge your way out and use your potions or activate your Blood Storm ability if you think you’re gonna be in trouble early game.

Another way of using Blood Storm is to activate the skill first before performing the execution on Varg’s first health stack.

First Health Bar Stack

Try deflecting his swing attacks as they give away a lot of plague damage. After deflecting his swing attacks go for Saber combos or go straight to Claw attacks to lower his health right away.

When doing combos keep your health in check and have Blood Storm ready just in case you get too carried away.

Once you find his short recovery from landing his combos, hit him with a lot of Claw attacks. Having Blood Storm equipped as your Plague Weapon will be very helpful in this encounter since you’re getting a “free potion”. In fact, this can also be useful for the final boss.

Second Health Bar Stack

Varg’s behavior during this scenario will cause him to become more aggressive. His combo attacks will become slightly faster so you need to be quicker in reacting to the patterns.

Thymesia Varg Second Health Stack Attack Combo
Not gonna lie, this was one sick attack and dodge sequence.

He will also have a grab attack that can give damage you for around 50% if you’re caught in it. I observed that regardless of what level I am at, this powerful attack still gave me massive damage.

Look at how Varg wasted my potion heal.

Avoid this powerful grab attack and you should be able to clear him with no problems at all. Just don’t get too comfortable as his normal Big Sword combos are still painful regardless and learn to be as patient in landing your own counter combos.

Avoiding Varg’s ultimate grab and finishing him off with a surprise counter execution is just a nice flex to end a fight.

We hope you found this guide helpful on how to beat Varg in Thymesia. Feel free to take a look at the rest of our guides for beating the other bosses.

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