6 Best CS:GO Aim Training Maps (2023)

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Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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Aiming is a huge part of being successful in CS:GO. I mean, it’s quite literally the only way you can kill people and win games. This is why it’s highly recommended to do as much CS:GO aim training as you can if you want to improve at the game.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience to download an aim trainer and boot it up every time. Luckily, there are a variety of aim training maps that you can access within CS:GO through the Steam Workshop.

Here are our picks for the 6 best aim training maps.


Yprac Aim Trainer

A photo of the Yprac Aim Trainer customization options.

Check it out here.

First up, we have the Yprac Aim Trainer. We chose the Yprac Aim Trainer as the best CS:GO aim training map because of its overall completeness. It features everything from simple workouts for warmups to more intricate and precise movements. It’s also incredibly well-built, making it fantastic to train on.

Yprac Aim Trainer features various categories like flicking, speed, precision, tracking, and burst, which allows you to work on specific parts of your game. It also has various activities to help you find one you enjoy and separate difficulty modes to accommodate beginners and pros. It’s one of the most fun aim training maps because of all the variations in exercises that are available.


Astralis Aim Training

A photo of the settings for Astralis CS:GO Aim Training.

Check it out here.

We all know how great Astralis is and how they dominated the CS:GO pro scene. Well, they partnered with an excellent aim training app called Aim Lab and created their own CS:GO aim training map. It mostly focuses on in-game movement, practicing strafes, and peeking.

The Astralis Aim Training map has a variety of modes, such as Arena, Box Fight, Angle Hold, and Hall Peak. They all allow you to practice natural movements and firing patterns that you’ll encounter in your CS:GO games. This makes the map perfect for improving on the basics. It’s a solid map that was created together with some of the best CS:GO players in the world. What could go wrong?


Fast Warmup – Bot Training

A photo of the Fast Warmup - Bot Training exercises.

Check it out here.

The Fast Warmup – Bot Training map does what it advertises through the title and then some. It’s the perfect aim training map to run just before you queue for a ranked game. The default mode has you in the middle of an area where bots are coming at you from different distances, heights, and speeds. This allows you to properly warm up and practice your aim.

However, there are also two other modes. One mode takes you to a different area where bots are simply running at you. This is mostly just a modification of the default mode and allows you to practice your speed at turning and flicking. The last mode allows you to practice more on aim control, flicking, and long-range shooting.



A photo of the training_aim_csgo2 customization option.

Check it out here.

If you’re looking for something that’s more like a traditional aim training app, then training_aim_csgo2 is the perfect map for you. It has a ton of training modes like Classic (Fast Aiming), Angles and Sliding, Reflex Training, Burst Training, and Intensive Fast Aiming. It also features various distances, allowing you to train at different stages.

The training_aim_csgo2 map also allows you to fine-tune each training mode and change various settings. This includes things from speed, test duration, the different angles, rotations, and shots to kill, among others. Overall, it’s a fairly extensive map and remains one of the best CS:GO aim training maps around, despite it being released back in 2014.



A photo of the DC | AIM & MOVEMENT | TRAINING CS:GO aim training map.

Check it out here.

The DC | AIM & MOVEMENT | TRAINING is another quite extensive aim training map. It features five different modes, which are, Arena, Shooting Range, Movement, Target, and Container. They all allow you to train different aspects of your game and bring a variety of ways to keep aim training fun and enjoyable.

The best thing about this map is that it allows you to train your aim and has some basic movement exercises. It’s nothing too crazy, but it’s definitely very helpful, especially for beginners. Although, one thing that I definitely don’t like about this map is that you’ll need to go into a separate room just to change your weapon. This is mostly why it’s ranked so low.


Aim Botz – Training

A photo of the Aim Botz – Training configuration options.

Check it out here.

The last but not the least CS:GO aim training map is Aim Botz – Training. It’s a reliable training map that the community has used since 2014. It has a ton of customization options, from basic things like speed, strafing, ranges, movement, and obstacles. However, it also has some nice touches like a metronome, themes, challenges, and even a potato mode for players who may not have the best gaming setups.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have more advanced modes for practicing specific aspects of your aim. Overall, Aim Botz – Training is a pretty solid aim training map that allows you to fine-tune your experience, depending on your personal needs. It may not be at the top of our list, but it’s definitely still one of the best CS:GO aim training maps out there.


Yprac Aim Trainer is our choice for the best CS:GO aim training map. It’s just tough to beat its overall completeness, great features, various modes, and ability to train everyone, from newbies to veterans.

If Yprac Aim Trainer isn’t for you, check out the rest of our picks to find other great aim trainers through the Steam Workshop. While you’re at it, make sure to use the best CS:GO crosshair for you to optimize your aim training.

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