Hidden audio files hint at imminent Call of Duty 2020 Announcement

    Some new audio files in 2019's Call of Duty Modern Warfare give us a throwback to 2010's Call of Duty Black Ops, could this be Call of Duty 2020?

    RUMOR: Halo Infinite toys lineup hint at the death of a main character

    It seems that a new Halo Infinite toys lineup could be hinting at the death of a new character in a recently released Halo game.

    Crysis Remastered Nintendo Switch Gameplay and Screenshots surface

    The first signs of Crysis Remastered Nintendo Switch Gameplay and screenshots show that the game looks decent, but will the final product deliver?

    Crysis Remastered Gameplay leaked thanks to Microsoft Store

    It seems that the Microsoft Store stole EA's thunder by uploading a Crysis Remastered Gameplay trailer on the Microsoft Store ahead of the July 1st show.

    Ubisoft working on a free to play Battle Royale called Hyper Scape

    Ubisoft is working on a new free to play Battle Royale FPS called Hyper Scape, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, it does show some early promise.

    Dark Pictures Little Hope Gameplay is spine chilling horror

    Some fresh Dark Pictures Little Hope Gameplay shows us that this isn't your average teenage slasher horror flick after all.

    Hideo Kojima could be working on Death Stranding 2 already

    Hideo Kojima could already be hard at work on Death Stranding 2, some sneaky images in his latest tweets suggest early concept art.

    Crash Bandicoot 4 could have over a 100 levels

    It seems that Crash Bandicoot 4 could host over a 100 levels if an email from GameStop is to be believed. Making this the biggest Crash game yet.

    RUMOR: Fable 2020 twitter account hints at imminent announcement

    Fable 2020 is the latest mystery twitter account to make an appearance. With Microsoft also hosting a July show could this mean a new Fable is coming?

    RUMOR: Prince of Persia 2020 twitter account goes up early

    It seems that Ubisoft could be teasing a Prince of Persia 2020 title with the appearance of a mysterious twitter handle that has ties to Ubisoft.