Decieve Inc Review – Deceptively Simple, Difficult To Play

Decieve Inc is a social deception game. You and several other spies

7 out of 10Good

Resident Evil 4 Remake Review – A REmake To Remember

Resident Evil 4 stands as an icon in the gaming world. It

10 out of 10Flawless

9 Years of Shadows Review: A Deceivingly “Easy” Game

Halberd Studios and Freedom Games have given us one of the best

7 out of 10Good

DREDGE Review: Perfect Blend of Lovecraftian Horror and Fishing

Black Salt Games’ debut title, DREDGE, will finally be here in six

9 out of 10Awesome

Storyteller Review: A Real Page Turning Adventure

After years of waiting, Daniel Benmergui's narrative-building puzzle game, Storyteller, is finally

9 out of 10Awesome

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Review – Good Ol’ Survival Horror

Back in 2008, Mast of the Lunar Eclipse was not only exclusive

8 out of 10Great

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Review: High Spirits

Team Ninja's take on the Soulslike genre started with the Nioh franchise,

8 out of 10Great

The Pale Beyond Review: A Chilling Exploration Story

Prepare for a journey inspired by real-life polar exploration in The Pale

7 out of 10Good

Like A Dragon: Ishin Review – The Dragon Has A Gun

Like a Dragon: Ishin was a Japan-only release for the Yazkuza series

9 out of 10Awesome

Blanc Review: The Wolf and the Fawn

I'm always on the lookout for cooperative games that actually push you

9 out of 10Awesome

Perish Review: A Potentially Fun FPS Marred By Its Lack of Polish

Perish is a hardcore first-person shooter that you can play solo or

6 out of 10Above Average

Rhythm Sprout Review: This Onion Can Dance

Rhythm games are having a bit of a resurgence again, especially in

7 out of 10Good

Monster Hunter Rise Review – Taking The Series to New Heights

Monster Hunter is one of CAPCOM's oldest IPs, alongside titles like Mega-Man,

9 out of 10Awesome

Shoulders of Giants Review: An Eccentric Sci-Fi Roguelike

Moving Pieces Interactive brings us a fresh take on the action-roguelike series

7 out of 10Good

Power Chord Review – Ride the Lightning

There are a lot of rogue-like/lite card games on the market right

8 out of 10Great

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Decieve Inc Review – Deceptively Simple, Difficult To Play

7 out of 10Good

Decieve Inc is a social deception game. You and several other spies are thrown into various stages with a singular

Rizwan Anwer Rizwan Anwer 10 Min Read

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