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Greetings! I've been into tinkering around hardware ever since I've opened my eyes. With a fair share of experience (and broken keyboards) behind my back, I've spent tons of time ensuring I get the latest scoop on everything related to hardware.
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What Difficulty to Choose in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Capcom's Resident Evil 4 was praised for its Dynamic difficulty system that

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Is OSRS Worth Playing in 2023 (Explained)

Old School Runescape is one of my most played games, and I've

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UK Retailer’s CCL and Box Unleash a 50% Clearance Sale

With the recent Silicon shortage, prices of GPUs and CPUs have certainly

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How to Get Free CS:GO Skins in 2023

CS:GO is more than just a measly FPS title. With over 400

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Sons of the Forest Save File Location on PC

Sons of the Forest has just been released with a bang on

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Sons of the Forest All Controls List Revealed

Endnight Games has just bestowed us with Sons of the Forest and

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Sons of the Forest Download and Install Size Revealed

Sons of the Forest has just been released for PC and we've

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Is Need For Speed: Unbound on Game Pass? ANSWERED

Need for Speed: Unbound seems to be turning a new wheel this

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Power (Chainsaw Man) Wiki: Bio, Wallpapers & More

Out of all the anime releases that happened to come out during

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What Did Fallout Shelter Do That Kept it Popular Even Today?

Many games drop into public consciousness and back out again. Many are

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The Novel MMORPG on Binance Smart Chain: CalltoCombat 

The GameFi and play-to-earn spaces have gained considerable interest and exposure, especially

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CCL Launches Lineup Equipped With Ryzen 5000 Series

AMD has struck back against Intel with their release of the AMD

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20 BEST Twitch Streamers (2022)

Twitch is a heavy-hitter in the game-streaming world, entailing thousands of streaming

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RTX 3050 Quick Buyers Guide: Is It Worth It?

NVIDIA at the start of 2022, has just released their budget-friendly (or

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Majority Sierra Review An Eco-Friendly, 280 Watt, Bluetooth Soundbar

Here at WhatIfGaming, seldom do we come across a product that truly

7.5 out of 10Good


TEAMGROUP Xtreem's ARGB 3600 MHz DDR4 ARB C14 Gaming RAM is an

9.5 out of 10Awesome

Genesis Thor 420 Keyboard Review – Compact & Minimal

The Genesis Thor 420 is the first low-profile keyboard we've looked at

7.5 out of 10Good

Genesis Zircon 550 Review – A Budget Mouse With Great Performance

The Zircon 550 is a lightweight RGB wireless mouse that features a

9 out of 10Awesome