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PlayStation Days of Play 2020 Deals Dates Announced for UK & US

The PlayStation Days of Play 2020 Deals & dates have officially been announced and there is a lot of good sales to take advantage of!

Valorant Launch in India, Vietnam, Middle-East, and China delayed

It seems that the Valorant Launch could be delayed in these regions due to licensing or regulatory issues. When they will be sorted is a mystery.

Serious Sam 4 PS4 and Xbox One Versions Could Come in 2021

It seems that Serious Sam 4 PS4 and Xbox One Versions are indeed in the cards, but fans will need to wait for a year due to Stadia exclusivity rights.

Saints Row The Third Remaster can reach 60FPS with a catch

It seems that the Saints Row The Third Remaster can reach 60FPS but it comes with a catch. At the cost of V-Sync, you can experience the higher FPS.

RUMOR: Eidos Montreal fully committed to Marvel Titles – no plans for Deus Ex yet

It seems that Eidos could be giving all their focus to Marvels Avengers, as the studio has no plans of releasing a new Deus Ex ... yet.

New Bioshock game being teased with a fresh ARG

We could be witnessing the first appearance of a new Bioshock game, but now we have to wait for 2K games to drop more hints about the title.

Mafia Trilogy Available Early on PlayStation Australia Store

The Mafia Trilogy has suddenly appeared on the Australian PlayStation Store for purchase, this means other regions will get the game in a few hours!

Rumor: Mojang Studios could be working on 2 new games

After a fresh rebrand and a new name, Mojang Studios could have just hinted about working on two new games, what does the future hold for them?

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