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Best Kokomi Build: Playstyles, Weapons, Artifacts

Since Genshin Impact’s 2.1 release, players have spent countless primogems trying their

Kazuko Kazuko

10 BEST Minecraft Room Ideas – The Ultimate List

It's easy to love Minecraft. You build things, craft cool traps, and

Joshua Munoz Joshua Munoz

Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Villager Jobs

Villagers are amazing mobs! If done correctly, they can give you exceptional

Andreas Ojala Andreas Ojala

How To Speedrun Tribes of Midgard – Ultimate Solo Guide

So you've managed to finish all the class challenges in this game

Alec Padua Alec Padua

15 Minecraft Starter House Ideas

You spawned in the world, gathered some wood, and made stone tools!

Andreas Ojala Andreas Ojala

Last Stop Review – Supernatural Narrative Adventure

Last Stop is a narrative-driven adventure title from Variable State, the developers

7.5 out of 10Good

Free Indie Games Worth Playing In 2021

2021 has been full of surprises so far and we're anticipating a

Alec Padua Alec Padua

20 Best Looking Blocks to Build in Minecraft

Are you trying to improve your building skill in Minecraft?I know, it

Binh Tran Binh Tran

Best Upcoming Nostalgic Co-Op Shooter Games

The co-op (cooperative) shooter genre is one of the most loved genres

Helmi Chaieb Helmi Chaieb

5 Games Like Biomutant You Should Try

Biomutant isn't getting much love since its release. It wasn't enough that

Alec Padua Alec Padua

Project L Champions We Want To See

Project L is Riot Games’ new fighting game. It’ll be exciting to

Anwell Patdu Anwell Patdu

Destiny 2 Cryothesia 77k: The New Exotic Stasis Weapon

The Cryothesia 77k is a new Exotic weapon introduced in Destiny 2:

Jason Temelo Jason Temelo

Resident Evil Village Review – Survival Horror Excellence

Resident Evil 8 Village is a sequel to the survival horror title

9.5 out of 10Awesome

How to fix the Resident Evil 8 Black Screen at launch issue on PC

Resident Evil Village, or simply Resident Evil 8 is finally out now

Ali Hashmi Ali Hashmi

Minecraft Duplication Glitch 2021 (1.16.5)

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to duplicate items in Minecraft

Joshua Munoz Joshua Munoz

10 BEST Minecraft Base Ideas

You know it from the moment you spawn in and start punching

Liam Shearer Liam Shearer

Buildings Have Feelings Too Review: A Charmingly Bizarre Management Sim

Buildings Have Feelings Too review: taking a look at a more accessible

7 out of 10Good

Best PS4 Games For Girls in 2021

Remember when games used to be running two pixels down a road

Daniel Westrop Daniel Westrop