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The Crucial M550 has arrived – built with its Marvell 88SS9189 controller for something truly great. The design of the Crucial M550 is sleek and carries almost a military style grading that is common for the name of Solid State Drive (sounds very fancy). Essentially, gone are the days of clicking disks as we have previously covered, and the Crucial 1 TB ushers in this new standard with such a pass...[Read More]

The iRobot Roomba 790 is the newly introduce automatic robotic vacuum by Roomba you must have today. The sleek design, ease of functionality, and the moreover exciting features of cleaning the full house at the power of a remote control or automatic functional capability is something every technology lifestyle enthusiast needs.

As you enter Skyrim, the ambiance is developed with beautiful fidelity all around you with Logitech’s Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System. Logitech has created audiophile heaven for PC enthusiasts who are serious about their sound fidelity through speaker quality. Surround Sound was created to essentially bring the audio experience to life for enthusiasts for movies, and music/game technologies. De...[Read More]

Sony has not only become one of the biggest names in film entertainment, but also one of the biggest publishers in the current industry for entertainment in the evolving interactive video game medium. As of 2010, Sony set out on a mission along with many other like-minded companies such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc to provide mainstream consumers with what we term as the “3D-Craze” in stereoscop...[Read More]

The HD 6870 DiRT 3 edition is a beast. While we did not particularly love DiRT 3 as a game, a free copy is more than welcome for fans to experience the power of the AMD Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 DiRT 3 edition. While we already reviewed the HD 6870 base samples through AMD, and then add-in contact reviews including Sapphire’s 6870 line, this special OCed edition was worth a look for the people who h...[Read More]

The Droid X2 presents one of the best powerhouse phones available for the Android Froyo platform to date. Succeeding the Droid X, having been considered by us to be a phone of pure raw throughput, the Droid X2 takes everything within the Droid series of Motorola produced phones to a whole other level. The sleek design of nostalgic ratio, the Candy Bar edges, and the entire packaging design of this...[Read More]

The HTC Thunderbolt 4G gives one of the best performances of any smartphone currently available in 2011 and it seems as if the Thunderbolt has stricken the ground with an impacting force that will last well into 2012. The HTC developed Thunderbolt 4G premieres exclusively with the Verizon Wireless network, and is truly a premiere enthusiast phone that provides a lot of power and efficiency, despit...[Read More]

Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9 orders one of the most uniquely created gadgets in the technology sector, combining a level of customizability with a lot of shocking dependability that leaves some in a level of reflection. Many creators of mouse products have different factors that converge on Dots Per Inch (dpi), macros, and functionality of button design, where Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9 infuses a level ...[Read More]

The Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Flex Edition 1GB is the best card to get for anyone looking for the flexibility of DualPort graphics and the integration of DVI standards for the TDMS streams capable to also transmit over HDMI. The Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Flex Edition 1GB video card is affordable, runs incredibly well, and maintains a level of quality for future-oriented people who do not want to upgra...[Read More]

The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router defines a new genre of maximum performance wireless capabilities ever seen in a Wireless-N Router all with the idiosyncrasies of class and elegance combined with ease and portability. The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router provides a stability that has been tested and delivers the most accurate performance rates of any router we have seen from manufacturers such as...[Read More]

The VisionTek 80PLUS 800W Power Supply Unit is one of the notable power supplies the company is currently putting out aside from its 1000W Gold, which is a step up in performance to the Gold PLUS certification which ranks higher efficiencies of power throughput with different load levels. The Visiontek 800W Power Supply supplies the perfect performance for a relatively great price for enthusiasts ...[Read More]

Razer Lachesis brings a level of stunning elegance to the world of mice within the PC sector of users and hardcore enthusiasts worldwide.  While Razer does not define this series of mouse as “elite” according to their specification of gaming-focused products only, the mouse itself garners and attains every piece of the word that makes it up. With a 5600dpi 3.5G Lazer sensor, the Razer Lachesis bri...[Read More]

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